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Pall-X Extreme saves wood floor in Chester Zoo

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Chester Zoo is one of the United Kingdoms leading tourist attractions with over 2 million visitors a year.  It is amongst the worlds leading zoological, conservation projects and is open 364 days a year. Most of the visitors will enjoy a meal or a drink at Junes pavilion, named after June Williams, who is credited with the development of the zoo and has a long and rich history which saw her and her husband build many new developments over time, including the existing aquarium and original cafeterias. It was June’s father George Mottershead who originally founded the zoo, which marks its 80th anniversary this year.


Junes pavilion pine floor was looking in a poor way after millions of pairs of feet through all seasons of the year had worn away the original coating. Mike Philbin from NU LIFE FLOORCARE of Stockport was chosen as the renovation contractor to carry out the work, due to their vast experience in the floorcare market, and was tasked with the job of bringing the floor back to its original glory.

As a PALLMANN Parkettprofi contractor, NU LIFE specified PALLMANN Pall-X Extreme, a 2 component lacquer, fast curing and extremely tough for this very challenging environment. Additionally like other Parkettprofi contractors he was able to offer a 2 year warranty on his work.

The work was carried out using PALLMANN Cobra belt sanding machines and PALLMANN Gecko edge sanders over a 7 day period in January. NU LIFE met the time deadlines and the restaurant was re-opened on time with a superbly renovated floor.

Crucially Mike Philbin with the support of technical services at PALLMANN built an ongoing maintenance programme which will ensure that Junes pavilion floor stays looking great for many years to come.

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