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Würzburg, 20.11.2017 - Pallmann at DOMOTEX 2018

Magic moments with Pallmann Magic Oil On trend ways to make every wood floor unique.

Würzburg, November 2017 – Magic is “in the air” with the German wood floor experts Pallmann whose message is "Feel wood - simply magic, Oil wood - magically simple". With Magic Oil 2K, the German manufacturer positioned themselves ahead of the market and in tune with wood floor professionals many years ago. Now Pallmann is expanding its Magic Oil line. See this and the absolutely “on trend” colored oil primers and the innovative Spider brushing technique for surface structuring at the trade fair presentation in Hannover, Germany, hall 13, stand C25

Magic oils

"Simply magic" is the visual effect and natural feel of an oiled wood floor. "Magically simple" is the easy professional application of products to protect and nurture wood floors with products from the Magic Oil range.

In the year 2004 Pallmann already set a wood floor industry milestone with the creation of Magic Oil 2K Original. A product unsurpassed in terms of application performance and speed. Thanks to its overnight fast curing, Magic Oil 2K Original allows renovations in the shortest possible time and performs with a simply magical, solvent-free, long-lasting, easily maintained and slip resistant performance. Since the outstanding success of this Pallmann top seller, the Magic Oil range has been steadily enhanced with Magic Oil 2K Ergo, Magic Oil 2K Spa and Magic Oil 1K Easy.

Magic Oil 2K Spa was developed especially for wood floors in wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms – and is “simply magic”. Magic Oil 2K Ergo nurtures and protects domestic and commercial wood floors by an upright, contractor-friendly application method. With the new single-component Magic Oil 1K Easy, Pallmann offers its customers a ready-to-use product which can be used immediately without adding a second component.

All products of the Magic Oil line are solvent and odour free, sustainable and offer excellent application and wear performance.

Pallmann Color Collection - colored oil primers for an individual living experience

With the Pallmann Color Collection wood floors can be creatively renovated to an individual end-user, interior-style choice. The 24 colored oil primers encourage creative design for a truly bespoke wood floor. By setting the concept in 4 color style “worlds”, each an interior design style trend, Pallmann’s offering supports wood floor professional and simplifies the decision-making process for their client.

Each color of the Pallmann Color Collection consists of 3 components: The clear 2-component oil primer Pall-X 333 A / B is given a color concentrate as a third component. Wood floors colored and primed in this way can then be protected with a 2-component Pallmann lacquer or Magic Oil 2K Original, to ensure a uniquely beautiful but practical long life.

An exciting and extensive marketing concept, including imagination provoking point of sale material and a high end “Stylebox” sample case ensures that a design conscious client can make the best creative choice for their room space.

Pallmann brushing technology - for character makers

Following the great success of the Pallmann Spider, the manufacturer has further enhanced the machines abilities by adding the brush set, making it easy to create an individual wood floor with a distinctive surface structure and a unique feel and look.

While the soft components are brushed out of the wood, the harder parts are retained, giving the wood floor a deep structure. The brushes are available in different degrees of hardness. With just a few steps, a conventional wood floor can be transformed into a unique structure.

So, in combination with the enhanced Magic oil options, the Color Collection and the Spider Brush System, the wood floor professional has many opportunities to design, with their discerning clients, a unique, stunningly-beautiful, perfectly-protected wood floor…like Magic!