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Magic Oil 2K  

Oil-wax combination that leaves an open, breathing and diffusive surface finish. Due to the wax content, a uniform matt, velvety surface is produced. With Magic Oil 2K, thanks to the hardener component, very rapid

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Pilatus aircraft works 

2,600 sqm sealed with Pall-X 98 of the Pallmann brand

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Pallmann History - 120 years of experience in lacquers

1900   PALLMANN founded by Georg Pallmann in Munich

1942    Total dectruction of the company

1949   The first parquet lacquers are developed and used successfully.

1958   Relocation of the factory to Moosach (new construction of the industrial plants).

1982   PALLMANN introduces the first water-based parquet lacquer.

2000   The Hydroline is reduced to a solvent-content of 5%.

2001   The UZIN UTZ AG takes over PALLMANN GmbH

2002   Fusion of PALLMANN with Atexx / Austria

2004    Merger and change of the name to JP Coatings GmbH. Relocation of PALLMANN GmbH & Co. KG in July 2004 to the company location of the lacquer factory JORDAN LACKE GmbH to Würzburg.

2006   Opening ceremony of the new building for administration and production on 10. October 2006

2010   PALLMANN offers you from now on really everything, that you need for the installation of wood floor: PARKETT KOMPLETT is the only credible full system solution.